The Best Possible Kanteles for Your Enjoyment

Koistinen kanteles are recognised for their unique brilliant sound. The sound quality and our professionalism were created and have been developing as a result of devoted work during decades. Koistinen Kantele created the new standard of kantele as a top quality instrument which can be used on any venue. We have also modernised small kanteles and combined them into a joyful and colorful family of easy to start and play instruments. Today, kantele is expanding in Finland and it is getting more and more popular internationally every year.
Versatile collection of Koistinen Kantele includes top professional concert instruments as well as kanteles suitable for beginners.

Passion for Kantele since 1957

Love for the sound of kantele has been inspiring our work in the course of generations. Development has always been happening in the close cooperation with leading kantele musicians - even among members of our team are several top kantele players whose impact is very important. Koistinen Kantele is a family business and its multinational 9-members team builds, develops and sells approved highest quality kanteles and accessories. Our mission is to make best possible kanteles and expand the use of the instrument further.
Koistinen Kantele is a Safe and Secure Investment
Koistinen Kanteles are widely known for their reliable longevity. During our many decades long experience we have seen the great increase in value of our kanteles and have witnessed that they remain very desired instruments as the years pass by. Every Koistinen kantele is a handmade and numbered unique piece. By purchasing Koistinen kantele you make a long lasting investment whose value increases during the years while sound matures.

Skilled Finnish Handwork - yesterday, today and tomorrow

When making a decision of purchasing a valuable musical instrument it's important to make sure you can get all the needed care and service also in the future. As our customer you can trust that we are ready to provide you with professional help whenever you need it. 55 years of history and central position in kantele market in addition to strong ownership fully guarantees that. Koistinen Kantele is the only kantele builder company which has been developing and energising kantele area in its own unique way. Our development helped kantele rise to a totally new position.
Easy ordering and fast delivery
Most of the orders we get come through the web shop and the fastest way to get a new instrument or accessory is to order and pay here. Most of the products are available in our store instantly, you can find information on delivery in the product description when choosing all the features. Our services are also available via phone and email. A sales person can be reached during Finnish office hours 9-16.

Newest products

  1. EasyWing 5, Wing-models
    1. Blueberry
    2. Redberry
    3. Sky
    4. Leaf
    5. Plum
    6. Titan
    7. Ferrari
    8. Pink
    9. Heavy
    10. Raspberry
    11. Natural wood
  2. Wing5, Wing-models - Koistinen Kantele
    1. Natural
    2. Redberry
    3. Blue
    4. Yellow
    5. Shimmered red
    6. Metallic color: Black
    7. Metallic color: Cyan
    8. Metallic color: Pink
    9. Metallic color: Green
    10. Metallic color: Violet
    11. Solid metallic color: Pink
    12. Titan