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Acoustic36 Bridge

Alk. 2000 €

Small but powerful Acoustic36 Bridge is a special home kantele. It is small and light but it sounds like an old Koistinen Kantele. The versatility of this diatonically tuned kantele can be enhanced by levers attached to single strings. Due to affordable price Acoustic36 Bridge is a good first step to the big kanteles world. Well maintained Koistinen Kantele preserves its value so that it can be put to go round when switching to a larger kantele.

technical data

dimensions: 84,5 cm x 40 cm x 15 cm

weight: 4 kg

wood types: alder, maple, spruce


bass strings 14 pcs C-h

steel strings 22 pcs c1-c4

2nd type of stringing

surface finishing: acryl lack

color option (extra charge): colored lid covers

levers: 3 pcs

Incl. tuning key and 5 yrs. warranty.