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choice of kanteles


Kantele is a long time investment and for the music hobby beginners a good instrument is the cornerstone of motivation. Because of this reason choosing a right kantele is extremely important. In this guide we have collected concepts and alternatives related to the kantele purchase. You can naturally contact us by email or phone. Ask or book a presentation - we will be glad to help. 


small kantele or a concert kantele?


Originally kantele has been used as an accompanement to singing. Small kantele suits excellently to this purpose. Affordable price, small size and easy user interface make the kantele a good alternative for a child or an adult. 

As the skills level is rising, the demands are increasing, so that the transition to the home or the concert kantele will be topical. If you value a convenient size and a cheap price, there is a good 11-string option between large and small kantels.

For a small kantele selection, read more here


acoustic or amplified?


If you are going to play the kantele in big halls or bands, amplification is  worthwhile to consider. Especially when playing with a band, amplification of an acoustic kantele with an external microphone is often impossible due to the surrounding noise.

Check out the concert and home kanteles microphone systems here

NB! The microphone systems do not affect kantele’s acoustic performance.


concert or home kantele?


We are constantly facing this question. In some music schools it is recommended that you start with the concert kantele, in others with the home kantele. There is no common truth, but when you make a purchase you will need to find out your own needs and budget.




Prices of home kanteles start from 2000 euros up and starting price of concert kanteles is in turn 5500 euros.




The concert kantele is equipped with a lever mechanism that allows to play chromatic tones, unlike home kanteles with a fixed diatonic tuning. It is possible to order levers for individual strings for the home kantele too. 



The home kantele is smaller and lighter, so for example, for a small child, a light home kantele can be a more meaningful first instrument. The size difference is not essential, for example, in terms of storage.