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Acoustic39 Bridge

Alk. 2 800 €

Koistinen Acoustic39 Bridge offers dynamic sound of Concert39S Bridge and elegant design in a more affordable version. This diatonically tuned kantele is a lighter version comparing to its older brother and due to light stringing it is ideal for beginners. Kantele is also lighter so it suits better also for chidren. Like in Concert models also here you have an opportunity to choose from different wood types and surface finishing so you get exactly the sound and aesthetics you wish. Concert models microphone decisions can be upon your wish assembled also to Acoustic39 Bridge model. By magnetic, contact and built-in 4060 omnidirectional pickups combination you can modify amplified sound the way you like and also connect to kantele effect devices. 


technical data


dimensions: 101 cm x 45,5 cm x 15 cm 

weight: 5,4 kg

material types: alder, maple, spruce

stringing: bass strings 17 pcs (G-h), steel strings 22 pcs (c1-c4)

2nd type of stringing

basic surface finishing: matt acryl lack

levers: 3 pcs. 

Incl. tuning key and 5 yrs. warranty.