Alk. 209 €

Light and handy Wing11 offers 1,5 octaves of uncompromising Koistinen Kantele sound. Wing11 suits to improvisational use or as an accompanement for a traditional song, both in campfire circles and classical concert. Wing11 is also a worthwhile alternative for enthusiasts moving to larger kantels. You can choose pleasing color either from Koistinen Kantele basic colors or special colors. Due to Wing11 access and good price-quality relation this kantele has become one of our most favorite models.



technical data


Length: 79 cm

Weight: appr. 1,2 kg

Wood types: alder, maple

Surface finishing: In base colors 2 component lacks, in special and overlay colors acrylic paint and lack. 

Stringing: range a-d2

Standard accessories: strap, tuner

3 yrs warranty