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Concert39S Bridge Modern


From. 6 000 €


Concert39S Bridge Modern is a kantele made by the leading kantele manufacturer in the world Koistinen Kantele. It is the result of a long-lasting developent process where ancient sound blends together with modern technology and elegant design. The sound of Concert39S Bridge Modern is the reflection of Finland’s pure nature which excellently fills both chamber halls, metal concert or Carnegie Hall. 

Full chromatic scale for your use

Due to the precise lever mechanism you have a full chromatic scale available. Now you can choose one of three sound types by using different strings loops: straight, semi-straight and swaying. If the straight sound type is modern and strong, swaying is close to the traditional sound of the kantele.

If you are interested in the traditional sound, your choice is Concert 39 Bridge Traditional, which has shorter, thinner and  looser strings. 

By choosing the wood type you can design the sound exactly as you want.

The type of wood has a great influence on the sound of the kantele and this is something we know very well. Therefore we are here to offer you multiple choices. The choices of wood for basic models are alder, maple and spruce. Upon your wish you can choose also one of special wood types - blaze maple, tree nut or cherry.

Excellent preamplification solutions offered by Koistinen Kantele open the doors to new music areas. 

Kantele has long been a classical instrument and not without a reason. Even the modern strong-sounding Concert39S Bridge Modern needs extra amplification in big venues or together with amplified instruments. Microphone solutions by Koistinen are the right answer to the extra amplification issue. Preamplifier, or a combination of a freely chosen pickup options - magnetic, contact and built-in 4060 omnidirectional pickups - bring up all the most sensitive colours of the kantele. Easy interface enables you to modify the colours of the sound even in live performance situations. Microphone solutions also allow to use effect devices which bring your kantele to unexplored worlds. 

Come and try Concert39S Bridge Modern in our Helsinki showroom, which is located at Fredrikinkatu 71.




Product dimensions: 101 cm x 45,5 cm x 16 cm


Weight: 8 kg


Material types: alder, maple, spruce


Special material types: maple, blaze maple, cherry, tree nut


Stringing: bass strings 17 pcs (G-h), steel strings 22 pcs (c1-c4)


Surface finishing: matt acryl lack


Colour: multiple colour and lack alternatives by special request 

Incl. tuning key and 5 yrs. warranty.