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Since 2003 EasyWing5 has been a popular first instrument. Its ergonomics, string tension and balance were designed so that it is easy for a child to play both by placing the instrument on the table or standing. Pedagogues, music teachers and parents were all involved in design process. Due to strings pins changing the strings is easy. They guide the string to the right so that separately sold spare strings are ready to assemble without the tools - all you need is a tuning key. 

Tuning is easy with the tuning key and EasyWing5 stays well in tune. We recommend Koistinen T-1 tuner as it fits perfectly the side pocket of the bag and ensures that you get your kantele always in right tuning. You can make your EasyWing5 look the way you like by using basic colors or customizable special colors. Also available stickers for the decoration of kantele. 



technical data


Length: 65 cm

Weight: starting from 0,55 kg depending on the equipment

Wood types: Finnish alder and pine, North American maple

Surface finishing: multiple options, 2 component lacks, acrylic paint and lack. Also the possibility of special surface treatments that differ from the range.

Stringing: EasyWing5 string set. Designed to fit the instrument, ready-to-install string set made of the piano string thread.